About South Austin Presbyterian Church

We believe that the Bible is the inerrant word of God, the only infallible rule of faith and practice, and that its doctrine is faithfully summarized in the Westminster Confession of Faith and Catechisms.

SAPC is a congregation of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC) under the immediate authority of the Presbytery of the Southwest. We began services in July 2014 as a mission church with a core of southerly members from Providence Presbyterian Church in Pflugerville and received particularized status in February 2015.

A Unique Church in South Austin

You may be asking, “How could South Austin need another new church?” We believe South Austin Presbyterian Church holds several convictions that distinguish our ministry:

Doctrine + Evangelism

Scripture teaches that zeal for sound doctrine and zeal to reach the lost with the life-saving Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ are intertwined. We will not compromise one for the other. We will seek to reach the world with proper biblical teaching, not despite it.

Joyful Reverence

Scripture also teaches that the worship of God Almighty is to be taken seriously, and that he must be worshiped with reverence and awe. Even so, because of our salvation in Christ we can boldly and joyfully enter into God's presence to sing his praises. Therefore we need not and will not compromise orthodox worship in exchange for having joyful hearts before the Lord. When worship is done right, we have both!

Right worship seeks to be faithful rather than entertaining, placing God — not us and our experience — at the center of attention. And when Christ is the focus there is true joy, for he is our joy!

Preaching and Nurture

Church life is more than coming to a service on Sunday. It is that most importantly, but not exclusively. We seek to preach the whole counsel of God through expository sermons. But we also believe in pastoral care and nurture of the people of our congregation.

At SAPC you will be fed God's Word on the Lord's Day, and throughout every day of your life you will be encouraged and taught how to nurture your life in Christ through personal and family devotion, prayer, and catechesis. The leadership of SAPC is committed to praying for you, getting to know you, and to shepherding you throughout all the days of your life.


In sum, South Austin Presbyterian Church is unabashedly Reformed in our doctrine, liturgical in our worship, and Presbyterian in our governance. We are these things because we believe with the great Presbyterian theologian, B.B. Warfield, that Reformed faith and practice is nothing less than biblical Christianity come to its own.